“The Danger of Wearing Flip-flops”
After I read an article about the danger of wearing flip-flop, I think that’s right. Flip-flops are practical and comfortable to use. But behind all that, there adverse effect, moreover too frequent use a flip-flops. Why do I say that? Let me explain it.
If you year flip-flops every day or every time, your legs will be exposed to the air and nugges elements. According the researcher, who conducted the study, said that there a many different kinds of bacteria when flip-flops exposed to the air.
Flip-flops will also cause the feet to move unnaturally, it is because there on additional support for flip-flops. That can lead to pain in ankle.
Furthermore, if you year the flip-flops too enduem and for long periods of time, will result in pain and pressure on the roles of the feet.
Well, that negative effects could be caused when to often year flip-flops. Despite the apparently comfortable flip-flops are not entirely beneficial to health.