nenekwhen I get older

I Hope you understand

and I hope you have patient with me

When I broke the Plate or drop the soup on the table

I hope you not angry with me

when I can’t talk

and I can’t hear anything

anything what your say

I am Aging

I am Aging

when my knee become weakened

when my voice getting slow

I hope you keep listen to me

when that time come, and I sick

and I sick and bedridden

I hope you patiently nurse

when my death come,

I will wishper to God

so that, He would Bless You

because I know

 You Love Me

puisi ini aku bacakan saat tampil di festival bahasa “Bilingual Performance Competition II” di Asrama Khadijah Ma’had Al-Jamiah UIN Suska Riau, 20 desember 2014